As COhatch The Gateway gets closer to opening its doors, we’ve been looking for community partners to help us make technology, entrepreneurship, and other resources more accessible to people locally. We met Will Zell of Zell Capital and knew that his mission aligned with ours to make Columbus a better place for entrepreneurs and startups, so we’re bringing his team with us to The Gateway and beyond.

Our team took a few minutes to get to know Zell and his firm a bit better. Will Zell, the founder and CEO of Zell Capital, is looking to shake up the venture capital investment world. As someone who has owned multiple businesses and startups, Zell has always wanted to make venture capital investing more accessible to the general public. Traditionally, venture capital investments have only been an option for those who are wealthy, which leaves a gap between those just starting to invest and those who don’t hit a certain tax bracket every year. In order to find a solution to this problem, Zell took their thoughts to the drawing table.

Through much planning, Zell and his team have found a way to create a first-of-its-kind fund that allows any person to invest in venture capital. Zell said, “I strongly believe that everyone should be able to invest in venture capital,” and with this new fund he means business.

Zell and his team will be making COhatch The Gateway their headquarters when doors open and will continue to see growth nationally to provide more communities with access to venture capital funds than ever before.

As we wrapped up our conversation, Zell finished with, “The Gateway will be our anchor. As an epicenter of innovation, it will allow us to help more startups and achieve our mission of making investing more accessible to all.” The Gateway location will be in the heart of The Gateway and University District of Columbus which gives Zell Capital and COhatch the opportunity to work closely where innovation often starts, at The Ohio State University.

Together with Zell Capital, we are excited to launch COhatch The Gateway as a new kind of innovation and entrepreneur ecosystem. We can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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Zell Capital is a capital firm with a focus on making venture capital investments accessible to all. To learn more about their mission and what they’re up to, find their website here:

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The newest Columbus location will have nearly 8,000 sq. ft. of workspace, including 21 private offices, more than 100 coworking seats and six meeting rooms. COhatch’s to-be-named Start-Up Orchestrator will work to connect development experts, impact investment partners, accelerator programs, women and minority start-ups and university resources.

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COhatch, a new kind of shared work, social, and family space built on community, offers members the services, activities and amenities to live a fully integrated life that balances work, family, well-being, community and giving back. Founded in 2016, COhatch was created through the collaboration of a group of friends who wanted to live out their ideal lives and improve their community ̶ think Town Hall 2.0. COhatch has 10 open locations and 15 sites under construction nationwide in Columbus, Cincinnati, and Springfield, Ohio; Indianapolis, Indiana; and St. Petersburg, West Tampa and Lakeland, Florida. Visit for more information. Follow COhatch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.