Cue the applause…

This past week, COhatch Ohio City had their grand opening party on Thursday, June 24th complete with guest speakers, tours, and delicious North High snacks & brews! It was such an amazing celebration and introduction to the Cleveland community.

First up for our speakers was Councilman Kerry McCormack. Kerry represents the 3rd ward Cleveland, which includes the neighborhoods of Downtown, Tremont, Stockyards, and here at Ohio City! “On behalf of Cleveland City Council and The City of Cleveland, we are so excited to welcome COhatch and North High Brewing to Cleveland and Ohio City,” Councilman McCormack said during his remarks. Councilman McCormack has been supportive of COhatch ever since the beginning of construction and we are so grateful for his continued support and involvement in the Ohio City community.

Second to speak was Tom McNair, Executive Director of Ohio City Inc, a community development corporation responsible for preserving, promoting, and developing the Ohio City neighborhood. “Ohio City is a growing and changing community, approaching about $1 billion of investment in the neighborhood over the course of the last 10 years. I want to thank the COhatch team for joining the Ohio City community, by finding ways to give back and invest in the non profit community” said McNair.

Latasha Watts, CEO of The Purple Project, Speak Up Speak Loud, and The Shop Junkie, spoke about her experience in the Cleveland foster care system and how she dedicates her time to address the needs of young women and children in foster care. “Coming from the background that I did, seeing something like COhatch — it’s so needed. It’s a place for entrepreneurs and businesses to grow and thrive. From the minute I stepped into COhatch and was shown around, I could see the vision and knew– I’m IN!” Latasha said. We are so excited to welcome Latasha into our COhatch member community!

Everyone was able to enjoy delicious snacks and brews from North High Brewing, as well as a special COhatch cake from a local Cleveland bakery, Cake’tique. In fact, if you were brave enough, NHB was also serving up their famous Pickleback shots — a shot of Jameson chased by a shot of pickle juice!

Make sure to stop by our newest COhatch location in Ohio City for a tour & a drink from North High! We’ll see you there!